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Alex and I

March 2012

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Alex and I

back to where we got the job...

It's been so good to be home, no classes, regular hours, close friends and trips to the metro. The parties and alcohol have been plentiful, the drugs super pure and cheap. Seems like an oasis of relaxation and altered states, no?
Unfortunately (or... fortunately...?) I decided to go to SLC for a rave. Initially I decided to throw Dalton's cares to the wind due to my suspicions of his duplicity. I wanted to hit on everyone: Nick, Sean, pretty girls at the rave, creepy men with free drugs, would-be-chemists selling MCAT.
Nick blew me off for some 30 year old anorexic chick with great hair and a plastic face (but a sweet heart). Sean however was everything and more than I remembered him being. He made me feel completely amazing, he watched over me at the rave, hooked me up right with some dank tabs, and paraded me around as his own at his after-party (which was sick). God, I missed him. I forgot how in tune we are with each other. He cares about me so much, when he looks at me, or talks to me, it's so genuine. He's so amazing to be around, it's phenomenal. I completely threw out any enchantment I had with Dalton. I told myself he's silly, and rude, and doesn't care. I'm in love with Sean and that's all I need. Sure, Dalton's pretty but lets just get rid of him and live happily ever after.

(I actually wrote this at the beginning of January, but life happened and it didn't get posted. Blah.)